Daniel orifice fitting Senior / Junior

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Specification of Daniel orifice fitting Senior / Junior

Specifications Daniel senior or junior orifice fittings 

Industrial Valve

Taps: All Daniel Hole Fittings are provided with two sets of "Flange Taps," located according to the latest API 14.3 (AGA Report #3) recommendations. 

Flange Tap: Flange tap metered connection fi" NPT internal tap hole size follow latest API 14.3 recommendation (AGA Report 3#) internal edge of the tap hole is free of burrs and square inching. 

Bore Tolerance Rows: 2 inches and 3 inches, plus or minus 0.003", 4, 6, 8, 10 inches, plus or minus 0.004"; 12-inch and 14-inch plus or minus 0.005". Unless otherwise specified, all fixtures are equipped with the standard bore internal lines listed in the dimension table. 

Operating axle: At 2 inches for inclusive, a 14-inch single end operating shaft is standard on the left side of the fitting when looking downstream. At sizes 16 inches and larger, the operating holes on both sides fit a standard fit. 

Temperature unit: Standard Daniel 150-900 trim fitting suitable for -20 to +450°F service. The Daniel 1500 and 2500 are suitable for service at -20 to c275" F. However, the Hole Seal Plates used may limit the service temperature. Special trims and seals are available for high or lower temperature service. 

Please consult the manufacturer.
Plate Indicator: Standard on all Senior Hole Fittings, this plate clearly shows the direction of the open and close positions of the Valve Slide. 

Wrench Operation: A speed wrench is provided with each fitting for quick operation of the shaft and valves, equalizer valve, grease gun, valve bleed and clamping screw bars.
Hydrostatic Testing: All Daniel Senior Orifice UC Fittings are hydrostatically tested at 1.5 times operating pressure.
Plate Alignment: The plate operators in all Senior Hole Fittings are centered using a fixed three point positioning system. This ensures concentricity in a fit according to the latest API 14.3 (AGA Report 3#).

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